Your comprehensive website audit includes: 

  • Comprehensive Website Audit - Digital 1Website overview - Over 120 on-page and technical SEO checks - from surface-level issues to critical errors
  • Crawlability Report - Over 20 checks for different website indexability and crawlability parameters including crawl budget waste, incoming internal links, page crawl depth, and http status codes.
  • HTTPs implementation - Quickly detect security issues on your website such as security certificate issues, mixed content issues, server issues, missing SNI and HSTS support, and website architecture issues.
  • Hreflang Usage – This report is one of the most time-saving way to find and fix hreflang errors such as issues with hreflang values, hreflang conflicts within page source code, issues with incorrect hreflang inks, and pages with potentially missing hreflang attribute
  • Key statistics – Additional useful information about crawled pages.

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